morotzoo ab
morotzoo ab Prije 7 sati
slow 0-100? even m5 is faster or m8
Shoedi .L
Shoedi .L Prije 7 sati
420 HP... My kinda number....
KOWL Prije 7 sati
It is the same car that in carwow
Hasan Mehti
Hasan Mehti Prije 7 sati
Not enough good for 1000 hp
Greyskarr V
Greyskarr V Prije 7 sati
The scrape of the synchros during shifting omg 😖😖 like nails on a chalkboard.
H C Prije 7 sati
Is this the same M5 that was on Carwow??
jon williams
jon williams Prije 7 sati
jon williams
jon williams Prije 7 sati
Mysterious Kris
Mysterious Kris Prije 7 sati
I don’t know why I’m so afraid to watch this. Whenever the engine does that it looks terrifying
berkcan güngör
berkcan güngör Prije 7 sati
this shit is flying
Nima Irani
Nima Irani Prije 7 sati
Hom much is that car?
Lehtola Prije 7 sati
Big vehicle this
Aurelien.B videos
Aurelien.B videos Prije 7 sati
Imagine a cop saying your car has been taken on the radar at 300 km/h but you show him your speedometer at 260 lol
Bill Zebing
Bill Zebing Prije 7 sati
That’s the fastest carwow car 💪
C A R Z H U A N G X Prije 7 sati
It’s supposed to be left hand drive
akos czibok
akos czibok Prije 8 sati
310 easily in fifth
Tanigawari SuS
Tanigawari SuS Prije 8 sati
Who came here from Car Wow?
Tomaso di Monaco
Tomaso di Monaco Prije 8 sati
Der Tod fährt mit.
Motor Activo
Motor Activo Prije 8 sati
Y yo probando un Corsaaa! 😅😅😅
Tariq Prije 8 sati
As seen on Carwow
James Smith
James Smith Prije 8 sati
What country is the reviewer from? One minute he sounds Irish, then English and then German.
Stephen Prije 8 sati
The wheels are awful.
Eth3487 Prije 8 sati
Anyone know who tuned this m140? Was
bdurda1983 Prije 8 sati
dude, you are nuts! 180mph while talking like its not a big deal. lmao!!! you are the man!
Henk de Kraai
Henk de Kraai Prije 8 sati
Just something else that annoys me. Mercedes has to stop the badge exxegeration when a 580 is a 4,0 liter and when the C63 now is actualy a 2,0 liter. So disappointing.
John Kandell
John Kandell Prije 8 sati
@Félix Braun the new c63 will be a 2.0 hybrid:((( with the engine from the a45s 421 hp, with 150hp electric power
Félix Braun
Félix Braun Prije 8 sati
Since when is the c63 a 2.0? Pretty sure it is 4.0 V8 still?
Eth3487 Prije 8 sati
Nearly 900nm torque in this little car. This engine is insanium
Erhan Guner
Erhan Guner Prije 8 sati
the smoothest modified car i had ever seen
Pmhz Prije 8 sati
Imagine breaking and saying : ok calm down now. But you are at 260km/h
Hugo Nabais
Hugo Nabais Prije 8 sati
0-200km/h in 10 seconds! Impressive!
P.I. Vught
P.I. Vught Prije 8 sati
Made by BMW 😂
Edey Cañizares Goya
Edey Cañizares Goya Prije 8 sati
Este no es type r ni nada esto es una mierda 🐂💩
PİRANNAH 123 Prije 8 sati
Halıda yavaş gitmese iyi araba aslında
Jonymatia Carranza
Jonymatia Carranza Prije 9 sati
Pensaba que era rapida pero nunca pense que tanto
SOUL CAR Prije 9 sati
Leon 13410
Leon 13410 Prije 9 sati
Carwow drove this to i saw on carwow im benz fan but this car is so amazing.
Unk Now
Unk Now Prije 9 sati
The gearbox in 6 🥰
Bam Bam
Bam Bam Prije 9 sati
Ты пианист???
Steffen Bodar
Steffen Bodar Prije 9 sati
I bet this car is awesome to drive but it doesnt look that good in my opinion...
Pianova Prije 9 sati
Great sound
Chebsen Prije 9 sati
280 km/h blindfolded, wicked.
Nacho Hernandez
Nacho Hernandez Prije 9 sati
Only Porsche
Der Schädel
Der Schädel Prije 9 sati
What app do you use to test the speed ? Thank you
Der Schädel
Der Schädel Prije 9 sati
I told you that the Germans take notices and when they do electric cars they will do the best ones
Wilwind Maximus
Wilwind Maximus Prije 9 sati
For a family sedan luxurious car to travel through Europe there is no better car than this one.
Вячеслав Сс
Вячеслав Сс Prije 9 sati
Всё скрипит как на российском автопроме!
BMW E92 Prije 9 sati
Absolutely insane! Great video 👍👏
Riugi Lukem
Riugi Lukem Prije 9 sati
Going to the cemetery will never quicker.
el do
el do Prije 9 sati
Y buy a bugatti when a bmw can go fast as ur 16w slow ass car..?
87sandyD Prije 9 sati
Nicely done, you’ve put a add on the Dragy so you can’t see the real speed. It wasn’t driving 315 kph. I’m sure it can do it tho. But give the real numbers
T's Timemachine
T's Timemachine Prije 9 sati
Mein M2 Competition fährt serie halt einfach bessere Zeiten lol
Kshitij Garg
Kshitij Garg Prije 9 sati
9:54 "the higher the voltage the lower the current"!! Re-inventing physics are we? RIP Ohm's Law.
Denis Lebinac86
Denis Lebinac86 Prije 9 sati
Say something say something !!!!!!👍
Abcdef123 Abcdef123
Abcdef123 Abcdef123 Prije 9 sati
That’s has to be the fastest walk around!
Qp #
Qp # Prije 9 sati
I think it looks amazing
B K Prije 9 sati
Just the fcking car i need!!
Ronesh Naidoo
Ronesh Naidoo Prije 9 sati
The perfect car🙌🏼
Rémi Prije 9 sati
Only 660 HP ? Seems 800
Zlatan Morrison
Zlatan Morrison Prije 9 sati
The performance of these things, considering they are allowed to be driven on the public road, is insane:) nice car.
TTGT2000 Prije 9 sati
Awesome car, awesome engine and manual gearbox. Got to get one as soon as i can, is a must, bucket list thing...
xenomorphelv426 Prije 10 sati
Is this the same M5 also tested by carwow ?
Andrei Andrei
Andrei Andrei Prije 9 sati
Power Kill
Power Kill Prije 10 sati
*Submission - R2 **01:34* *29-0* *Khabib nurmagomedov* 🔥 🐐 👑
Alejandro Gómez F
Alejandro Gómez F Prije 10 sati
My all times supercar <3
Nerfs war
Nerfs war Prije 10 sati
Top danger night speed car
José Roberto Guaicurus
José Roberto Guaicurus Prije 10 sati
Ai sim é máquina valeu pelo video!!!!
010 Prije 10 sati
Dam a flyby when this car is going 340
Adi Prije 10 sati
the crazy thing is that fuel gauge hasn't moved much
T&GEpic Prije 10 sati
I can't believe you out your phone with your keys
Batuhan Prije 10 sati
I thought its a hybrid, there is no engine sound although its a v8
Wendell Novais
Wendell Novais Prije 7 sati
Being hybrid wouldn't affect the sound anyways.
Personne Prije 9 sati
I think There isn’t audio speakers for the engine
DIRK WOLMARQNS Prije 10 sati
You order the car with the chrome package idiot
Steve aragon
Steve aragon Prije 10 sati
These cars are garbage, expensive to maintain and the SST trans is a ticking time bomb. The AWD system is a mix and match from a evo9 and highlander suspension. I got rid of mine as soo as I could.
AVC-Works Prije 10 sati
I never understood these shitboxes and never will.... (but blablabla rally blabla..)
Dancing Bear
Dancing Bear Prije 10 sati
15:00 I do that on the German Autobahn in my Opel Corsa...
hakim HAKIM
hakim HAKIM Prije 10 sati
You're shifting too early, someone managed to reach 100km/h in 6.6 secs, it's on youtube
Michele_YT Prije 10 sati
Bmw is love too
V G Prije 10 sati
I dont like the sound the lambo makes, all the crackles and pops are fake and dont happen naturally like ferrari
Dancing Bear
Dancing Bear Prije 10 sati
What about the driveability of a Z4 V10?
кирилл Prije 10 sati
Red leather seats and wood trim uh wtf
enzo viglione
enzo viglione Prije 10 sati
In 1999 j waz fastest then Ferrari and j had only two wheels . The two wheels were positionated under a 1455 cc 222 hp Suzy Hayabusa bike chassis . one yr later a lovely YAM yzf 1080cc 172 hp waz one of the fastest, lighest and powerful bike on the road j owned. Others pure monsters were on the way like KAWA 1290 cc and HONDA cbr 1198 cc all this whit less then ten grant ich. ( These bikes were all on dynojet stage 3 and 4= not 4 rd use) Please forgive my english, j'm now a 60 yrs old italian man who spent 24 yrs in London .....street, garage, jail and hospitals, the streets were my schools. Fuck the cars, Vince60''.